About kanotpic

A photograph is a secret about a secret.

The more it tells you the less you know.

(Diane Albus)

Our senses are the ones to discover the world. So what is it to discover along the roads? And is all you see captured in your image? People are still fascinated by stories even nowadays.

It all started with analog camera and studies in graphic print and I have worked for press and public relations a long time. Art and architecture are my passion and therefore my focus has always been on patterns, colours, topics and storytelling.

Stopped shooting for quite a while and restarted with the new smaller cameras: a bunch of great ways to shoot, process and publish online. Using handy and apps on your tablet makes it I-Art.

All kind of stunning photography is online with labels like street, fine art or concept photography. True, you will find streets, skylines or buildings in my photos, but due to my artistic approach and storytelling those labels don't fit and you will find other photographers with great work here.

My photos are mostly shot in my home town or other urban surroundings. They show the topics and patterns I found, you might find others.

For those interested in gear:
Lumix G6
Vario Zoom 1:4.0- 5.6/45 - 150
Vario Wide Angle 1:4/7 - 14
iPad with different apps for post-processing

Best wishes

Angelika Kanot



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